Holiday Boutique Box

$69.90 on the 5th of each month for 12 renewals and a $69.90 sign-up fee

A box filled with 5-7 carefully selected and hand-picked unique products from our Food, Beauty, Design, and Lifestyle categories that will bring delight and holiday spirit to you or your addressee. We will deliver a new box for each holiday you choose from the list

*You can cancel your subscription anytime

  • Please click on the “NEXT” button down below to see the Holiday List.
    Choose and mark all the holidays you or your addressee/s will get a MashuMashu Box. Then, add your selection to the Cart.

    If you wish to send different gift boxes to several people, add the selected set several times - each time to a different addressee as we do not currently provide an option of sending parcels to a number of addresses using one cart item.

First payment prorated. Next payment: October 5, 2020