Hanukkah Travel Box #1


We want to share the spirit and warmth of the great Holiday we have designed a special box in “travel size”.
You can take this small box with you as a gift and it will fit almost in any luggage.

1 Hanukkah artisan lollipops in a jar, Papabubble
Hanukkah inspired artisan lollipops in a glass jar by Papabubble
artisan care and product quality is what makes Papabubble lollipops ever so special. Emphasis on the quality of our ingredients, every single candy made at Papabubble follows a step by step artisanal process carefully made by a dedicated craftsman. Hanukkah artisan lollipops by Papabubble is a fantastic way to bring fun & colour into your Hanukkah celebration!

1 Set of chocolate coins
The most recognizable symbol of Hanukkah is Hanukah Gelt – chocolate coins covered in gold and silver foil. Add our chocolate coins to your holiday table! No artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. Various sizes

1 Dreidel (sevivon)
Hanukkah Dreidel Sevivon – unusual design, goldenen color. This nice Dreidel is great for kids and adults to enjoy the spirit of Hanukkah and play the Dreidel game. On sides of the Dreidel are the Hebrew characters: “Nun, Gimel, Hey, Pey” that stand for the Hebrew biblical phrase : a great miracle happened here, “Nes Gadol Haya Po”
Feel nice to hold and play

1 Dreidel, hanger, Aleh
These decorative, dreidel-shaped nicknacks will add a unique flavor to your Chanukah get-together. Suspended from a string, the glazed ceramics are perfect for hanging anywhere, all through the year. Made by the residents of Aleh, these dreidels certainly embody the miracle theme – where disability becomes opportunity
Please note: Color may vary.

1 Mini olive oil, Ptora
Get a taste of 50 year old family tradition! In 1976, the family planted the first olive trees on the farm: there are three varieties – Nabali, Picual, and Barnea. They are grown naturally, without use of fertilizers and pesticides. After the olive harvest, the oil is produced by cold press and then stored in barrels for three months, allowing particles to sink to the bottom. They are then removed, and so the end-product is high-grade olive oil.

1 Set of Hanukkah candles
Hanukkah is an exciting holiday, which is celebrated by lighting the menorah each night, playing draidel, and eating latkes.
This all inclusive Hanukkah celebrations will surely keep you going for all 8 days of Hanukkah celebrations!
It includes a traditional 44 Colorful Candles.

1 Small craft box, beautifully packed

Size of the box is 20*16 cm (approximately as a postcard size) and 8 cm height.  

In case you’d like us to deliver the Gift up to a specific date, please let us know in Order Comments and we will do our best to ship it in time.

We work closely with local Israeli designers, artists and manufacturers. Should we be out of some particular items, we will inform you about it and substitute it with another of equal fine quality and value.