Holiday subscription

Mashu Mashu Box Holiday subscription is a surprise box with amazing goodies from Israel that you or your loved ones get for every holiday you’ve marked on the list.

You will receive a box filled with carefully selected and hand-picked unique products from our Food, Beauty, Design, and Lifestyle categories. Only the best of natural, organic goodies delivered to you. Forget the typical cookie-cutter gifts—try our exceptional, hand-picked items from Israel instead!

Cancel your subscription at any time.

$29.90 on the 5th day of every 4th month for 12 months and a $29.90 sign-up fee

Choose a box

Holiday Boutique Box

$69.90 on the 5th day of every 4th month for 12 months and a $69.90 sign-up fee


What is Holiday subscription?

Once you’ve decided to treat yourself with Mashu Mashu Box, all you need to do is:

  1. Choose the size of a box;
  2. Choose, on which holiday your addressee will get a box ;
  3. Fill-out your Billing/Shipping and Payment details.
  4. Receive and enjoy a beautifully designed box with natural, organic, hand-picked tasty and delightful treats for your body and soul all the way from Israel monthly or quarterly (depending on the type of subscription) – brand new and different every time!

You can cancel your subscription at any time.