Leave it to the professionals! Let us take the stress of choosing a gift off your shoulders! We make it our business to find the right gift for any occasion.

What we do?

  • Devising, assembling, wrapping up, and delivering gifts to your business partners, sponsors, donors, volunteers, clients, associates, and staff members
  • Taking upon ourselves gift giving (for any occasion) on your behalf for a calendar year
    * We also provide our business customers with a full range of gift-giving services customised to your corporate culture principles upon request
  • Committing to authenticity, originality, and quality

What you need to do?

Please contact us and we will provide all additional information

    or via mail



    We meet up to discuss your corporate culture and find a visual and emotional “hook” your gift should carry. Then, we decide on a box content accordingly.


    We hand-pick all the items and customise the box with regard to a specific business client, its corporate image and mission.

    Wrapping up

    We pride ourselves on our versatility and sensibility when it comes to each and every order. So, even when priced the same, the content of a box will/may be different. We hand wrap every box because we care.


    We deliver in Israel and worldwide.

    We outsource your presents

    Being on top of your gift giving ‘game’ throughout the year. Rosh Hashana, Chanukah, New Year’s, X-mas, birthdays, and a myriad of other occasions for gift-giving – all are your chance to show gratitude, appreciation, and recognition with thoughtful tokens.We will know and take care of every instance important to you and will send gifts on your behalf.No more guilt about forgotten birthdays and holidays!P.S. We concur with Benjamin Franklin on one thing particularly – “Time is money!” So, assembling your order fast is of the utmost importance.